Your local Councilors want to hear your views on new proposals by the council for Wellfield Road aimed to help everyone follow social distancing guidelines during the pandemic. The new proposals follow on from the current temporary measures put in place by the council to create safer spaces for pedestrians in Wellfield Road.

The plans include:

– One-way system for traffic on Wellfield Road (northbound) and Pen y Lan Road (southbound);
– The footway will be widened on the west side of Wellfield Road;
– Parking will be allowed on the east side of Wellfield Road;
– A zebra crossing and traffic calming on Wellfield Road, with a segregated cycle lane
– Cycling will be permitted in both directions.

We want to hear from local residents. Do you support or oppose the new proposals for Wellfield Road?

Further details about the proposals can be found on the Council website at using the ‘view consultations’ link and selecting Wellfield Road.